What is Carpet Area, Built-Up Area and Super Built-Up Area?

what is built up area

Carpet area is a term real estate developers are obliged to utilize when providing purchasers the details about the property’s size. This is really quite simple to understand.

Carpet area meaning

That area in the flat or the apartment, which you could cover using a carpet, is the carpet area. Also known as the net usable area, the carpet area is actually that space in your home which can be utilized for laying a carpet.

What does carpet area include?

The carpet area is the actual usable area you get for use in your home. This then implies that the carpet area of the apartment will not include the space used in building the lobby, the elevator, the stairs, the play area, etc.

Carpet area vs built-up area

Homepurchasers need to know the difference between carpet area and built-up area. The built-up area in your flat or apartment, is the carpet area plus the area that is covered by the inner walls and the balcony. In housing apartments in India, nearly 30% of a housing unit’s entire area is used in creating the inner walls and the balconies. This means that if a developer tells you that the built-up area of the units is 1,000 sq ft, you could assume that the net usable area or carpet area of the apartment will not exceed 700 sq ft.

Carpet areas vs super built-up area

Purchasers should also be aware of the difference between carpet area and super built-up area.
A housing society consists of various common areas. While the Purchasers has to pay a monthly maintenance charge for the upkeep of these areas. He will also have to shell out money for a proportionate part of these spaces at the time of the purchase. Builders typically use the loading factor – constructed spaces not exclusively allocated to the Purchasers – on the carpet area, to arrive at the super built-up area. Developers arrive at the super-built up area of a unit by way of adding the total built-up area with the area occupied by common areas, including the corridor, the lift lobby, the elevator, etc. In some cases, builders even include amenities such as pools, gardens and clubhouses, in the common area.

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