North facing house Vastu: Some advice and vastu planning for your north facing home

North facing house Vastu

According to Vastu, Kuber, the God of Wealth, is honoured in the direction of the north. A north-facing home must be Vastu-compliant throughout and should have any flaws fixed if you want it to be genuinely beneficial. Here is a guide to vastu for a north-facing home.

Follow these Vastu principles for your north-facing property if you want to attract prosperity into your life. According to Vastu, a north-facing home can be rendered auspicious by building the main entrance in the north direction and the staircase in one of the following directions: south, west, south-east, south-west, or north-west.

However, for a north-facing home to be really beneficial, the entire structure must be Vastu-compliant, and any flaws must be fixed.

We go over the north-facing house Vastu plan in this article.

North facing house Vastu plan

north facing house plan vastu

North facing house Vastu for the main door

The main door should face north in the Vastu house plan for a residence with a north orientation. Because it is the home of Lord Kubera, the fifth step, or pada, is thought to be the most auspicious one and will bring you wealth even while facing north.

Additionally, the third, fourth, and eighth padas—Mukhya, Bhallat, and Diti, respectively—are also seen as lucky. Choosing any of these padas for the main door placement can draw wealth, according to main door Vastu.

The fifth pada is lucky because it represents the fifth of nine equal divisions of the distance between north and south.

Is north facing house good?

It is wrong to believe that any one way is superior to all others. All directions are good, according to Vastu Shastra, so long as they follow a few rules. It’s crucial to take notice of details like where the main door is located. A house may also be deemed good or bad based on the arrangement of the furniture, the colour scheme chosen for the rooms, and the family members’ astrological charts.

However, it is important to take into account the Vastu principles for north facing house plan, notably the arrangement of various rooms and the number and size of the doors, while choosing a property or house facing north or building such a style of house.

North facing house Vastu: Placement of a staircase

You must consider the services of a Vastu expert, to help you with the placement of rooms and items in your home. However, to help you out, here is a quick summary:

  • Place the stairs facing south, not north. It can result in monetary issues.
  • The staircase can be accessed from the south, west, south east, south west, or north west.
  • The staircase should not be placed towards northeast since it could harm the nerves.
  • Stairs should be climbed counterclockwise.

North facing house: What it means?

A house is said to be north-facing if the main entrance faces that direction. It’s a common misconception that a house faces north if a road is on the north side of it. The location of a home’s main door determines its direction.

Vastu for north facing house: Is it suitable for all?

No. It depends on the needs of the residents, as well as on their occupation or zodiac sign.

In Vastu, a house should face north since Lord Kubera rules that direction. A north-facing house that is built and designed according to Vastu principles will provide wealth and prosperity to its occupants. However, as was already indicated, one must also take other factors into account.

Experts in vastu claim that persons who work in business or the financial sector should build their homes towards north. As the planet Mercury is related with the north, persons who work in the publishing and printing industries should consider buying a home that faces the north.

Some professions that will do well in houses facing north:

  • Businessmen,
  • Accountants or chartered accountant (CA),
  • Bankers,
  • Investors,
  • Stock market traders and brokers,
  • Communication and e-service providers,
  • Astrology and vastu services,
  • Tour and travel services
  • Hotels and hospitality sectors

North facing house Vastu plan for bedroom

The best places to put the bedroom in a house facing north are in the west, northwest, south, and southwest. However, according to Vastu, the southwest zone is suggested for the master bedroom in a home with a main door that faces north.

North facing house Vastu for dining room

When eating meals, Vastu Shastra advises turning to the east, west, or north. According to Vastu, the dining room in a house with a north aspect must be arranged in the west.

North facing house Vastu for living room

According to Vastu, a home with a north facing entrance might be designed with the living room facing northeast. The northwest corner is an additional choice for living room design. The Vastu Shastra recommendations for furniture placement must be followed, nevertheless. Items like a table, couch set, etc. must be kept in the room’s southwest or west corner.

North facing house Vastu plan for kitchen

The southeast or northwest should be the direction of the kitchen. For the kitchen, one can also select the south direction. As stated in the Vastu for a north-facing property, it is likewise crucial to avoid placing a kitchen in the northeast corner.

North facing house: Vastu Shastra tips

Slopes in a north-facing home

For a north-facing property that is auspicious for you and your family, avoid a plot that slopes from the north to the south.

Avoid clutter

Do not keep trash and clutter in the north or north-east side of the house. It is said to have a negative impact on your financial status and development of the children.

Trees in a north-facing home

As per the Vastu plan for north facing house, you should not have trees in the north side of your home.

Placement of holy items

Holy items in your house, including the religious symbols such as the Swastika, Om, paintings, etc., should not be kept scattered.

Electricity circuit board

The electric circuit board should be kept in the south-east zone, so as to balance the distribution of energy, across the house.

Direction of septic tanks

Avoid having a septic tank in the north-east direction.

Bedrooms/toilets in a north-facing home

Bedrooms and toilets should also not be placed in the north-east. As per bedroom Vastu, the master bedroom should be in the south-west region.

Study room in a north facing home

Never place the study room in a north-facing home or apartment’s south-east or south-west corner. Place the study table such that the student’s face will be toward the north, north-east, or east while studying.

The ideal orientation for the study room should be either the east or west of the home; the north is a close second.

Pooja room

Place the living room and pooja room in the northeast. The pooja room is also appropriate for the east and the west. Indian temples are typically built with the west in mind. By doing this, it will be ensured that the deities’ idols face east.

Guest room

The guest room should be in the north-west.

North-facing home office

The Lord of Wealth rules from his direction in the north. The north can benefit financially from home offices. Make sure there is a wall behind you and that the workstation is facing north. Install a fountain towards the north for professional advancement. Also, avoid piling things on the desk that face northeast. To attract success, choose a hardwood desk and a high-back chair.

Bathroom and septic tank

The bathroom and septic tanks accumulate negative energy from the house. Thus, their placement is crucial. The best directions for bathroom in a north-facing house, as per Vastu, are south of south-west or west of north-west.

Water storage tanks

Water storage tanks can be placed in the north, northeast, east, or west directions.


Avoid having the garage or car parking area in the north direction, as it may prove detrimental to your mental peace. Plan your garage in the south-east or north-west direction.

Boundary walls

When building boundary walls, as per the Vastu plan for your north facing house, make sure they are slightly lower in height towards north and east directions.


The gate should be placed in the eastern half or northern half of the front area. The main door of a house in the north direction can be of silver or green colour.

Balcony and terrace

Large balconies or open terraces should be on the northern side according to the Vastu plan for north facing house. Avoid balconies in the south and west or else enclose them in grills.

Light fittings positioned along the north and east walls bring positivity and good energy.

Level of land in a north-facing home

To achieve good results, the floor level should be lower in all areas. For instance, if the entrance component is lower than the level of the central room, this might lead to your growth and fame. Be aware that the outcome is poor if the house’s north side is taller. It is bad, even though the land on the north side is at a higher elevation.

Vastu tips for north facing house to invite good luck

A north-facing property, if extended to the north-east side, can bring greater luck. A well-built north-facing property can bring good health and leadership development of the women in the house. Apartments facing north may not be a good idea. For job opportunities, place an idol of Lord Kubera towards the north direction.  Metal wind chimes can help the north and the north-west areas of the home. Metal turtles kept in the north or the north-west direction can bring good luck, especially related to career.

Place a Vastu Kalash in the north-east to boost positivity. Keep a few pieces of camphor balls for good vibes at home and replace them once it is used up. A set of two elephants helps in bringing good luck and love when placed towards the north direction in the bedroom.

North facing house Vastu: Things you must avoid

In a house facing north, there are several things you must avoid.

  • Do not settle for the main entrance in the north-west direction.
  • No toilets, bedrooms, or kitchens should be in the north-east corner. It is better to seek Vastu experts’ advice for remedies, if the bathroom is in the north. A simple Vastu dosha remedy for a toilet in the north, is fixing Vastu copper strips on the toilet door frame. Keep salt inside the toilet and replace it every week.
  • Do not let wastewater outlets be placed in the south or north.
  • Do not buy a north-facing property without looking at other things that work well for you.
  • Do not place the door in the sixth pada.
  • Gardens or your nursery should not be in the north-west.
  • The underground tank should not be in the north-west.
  • Do not paint the house in red or maroon colours. Ideal colours are white, blue, beige, grey or green for a north-facing home as per Vastu.
  • Septic tanks should not be in the north, north-east or east direction.
  • Avoid having a heavy pillar on the north-east side while constructing a north facing house as per Vastu plan. Such a pillar can create lots of problems in life.
  • As per the Kitchen vastu for north facing house, avoid black colour marble slabs for the kitchen in the south-east zone.
  • The curtains of the north-facing room should be light green in colour. To overcome financial woes at home, hang blue-coloured curtains in the north-facing room.
  • Avoid red or yellow colour paint for the front side of a north-facing house.
  • North facing house, as per Vastu plan, should use white and neutrals such as cream, khaki and warm grey as the best colours. Warm blue and green are also good options.
  • Vastu Shastra does not prescribe the use of darker shades like red and maroon in a north-facing home.
  • Totally avoid red and yellow on the exteriors too.

Safety locker in a north-facing home

According to Vastu, the door of the locker should ideally open toward the north, the direction of “Kubera” (the deity of wealth). Placement of the locker in the northeast corner will result in wealth loss, so avoid doing so.

North facing house Vastu plan for duplex

If you have a duplex home, it is essential to ensure that the house plan is as per the Vastu guidelines. Here are some useful tips:

  • Design the bedroom on the first floor of the building.
  • The elder members of the family must reside on the first floor.
  • The balcony on the first floor should faces towards northeast direction.
  • Keep vastu-friendly plants on the first floor to attract positive energies.
  • Design the study room in a peaceful corner of the house to improve concentration.
  • Build the pooja room in the duplex in the northeast direction.

Vastu for north facing house plot

A north-facing plot is considered auspicious as per Vastu. For a north-facing plot make the boundary walls in the north and east thin and small, compared to the walls in the south and west direction. Ensure that the slope of the north-facing plot is not in the south-west direction, as this can cause loss of wealth. It is better to have the slope of the plot in the north or the east direction. A plot with extension in the north-east direction is auspicious and brings prosperity.

North facing house is good for which Rashi?

Those with Cancer (Karka), Scorpio (Vrishchik) or Pisces (Meen) as their zodiac or rashi, will also find north-facing properties ideal.

Those into businesses or finance, such as accountants, chartered accountant, bankers, investors, stock market traders and brokers, may find north-facing properties suitable for growth in their workplaces. Communication and e-service providers, astrology and Vastu services, tour and travel services or those into the hospitality sector, may also find it beneficial.

Vastu for north facing house and women in the household

Did you know that the good and bad outcome of having a north-facing home, largely affects the women in the household or the wealth in the family. A working woman’s success is also linked to the Vastu of a north-facing home that she is residing in. Hence, correct all Vastu doshas.

Note the following:

  • The south-east is home to planet Venus. Since the planet is related to women, if the south-east is not Vastu-compliant, working women or women generally may not have a good time.
  • Ensure a well-lit area if the main door or the bedroom door opens in the south-east.
  • Damage to the south-east, north-west or west zone can cause health issues or even an unsuccessful career.

North east facing house Vastu

Any property with a road towards the north and east sides are considered as a north-east site. Northeast facing houses or plots are regarded ideal as per vastu shastra. The occupants in a north east corner home as per Vastu gain tremendous success in life. The north east direction, in Vastu principles, also promotes innovation and new opportunities.

Here are some north east facing house Vastu tips:

  • Avoid designing a lift and staircase opposite the main entrance
  • Ensure the main gate is larger than other doors of the house.
  • Design the master bedroom in southwest, west, or south directions.
  • Avoid constructing bigger windows on the south or southwest side of the house.
  • Place water elements in the northeast corner as per vastu to attract wealth, success and peace.

Why are padas important as per Vastu Shastra?

No pada in the north is inauspicious. This is why a north-facing house is considered good. However, while placing the main door, you can note the following for prosperity:

To attract wealth

Each pada determines what kind of energy you are letting into your home. As already mentioned, the fifth pada is the most auspicious, because it is the location of God of Wealth, Kuber. Hence, if the door is placed in the fifth pada, you will attract money.

Alternative to fifth pada

Now suppose your fifth pada is small or not suitable for the door, you can use the first to fourth pada, as well. However, not leave out the fifth pada. You can use the sixth to ninth pada, if you have no option at all to place it in another pada.


If you happen to use the first pada, in that case, the main door or the entrance should not touch the north east corner. It is advisable to leave some space from this corner. Do not consider the 6th pada for designing the north entry main door of the house as it can lead to in health problems.

North facing house Vastu for garden

According to Vastu Shastra, the garden should face either north or east. Small plants should be placed in the north, and fruit-bearing trees should be placed in the east. Make sure there aren’t any big trees on the north side of the house so that its shadow won’t cast a shadow on it. Swings in the north or east are acceptable according to Vastu for gardens. Jasmine plants should line both sides of the garden path since it is lucky to do so.

Plants for north facing home

The following plants, according to Vastu, can boost happiness and bring riches to a home facing north. These plants all benefit from bright, well-lit environments and need indirect sunlight to flourish.

  • Aglaonema
  • Araucaria
  • Begonia rex
  • Bromeliads
  • Chlorophytum
  • Dieffenbachia, also known as leopard lily
  • Ferns
  • Hedera

Additionally, adding a money plant at the northernmost point of the house will attract positive energy. Avoid planting lemon, mango, or banana trees facing north. On a balcony facing north, you can grow tulsi, which is fortunate, as well as spinach, lettuce, mint, and parsley.

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