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According to Vastu, the money plant is a lucky indoor plant. Here are some Vastu Shastra suggestions for planting money plants in soil, water, or other containers at home.

Additionally, money plants are more auspicious as interior plants since, according to Vastu, they draw luck, wealth, and prosperity as well as positive energy.  Keeping lucky plants at home brings success in the household and removes money issues, according to Vastu Shastra principles. Follow these Vastu recommendations if you intend to bring a money plant home to position it in the proper location.

Money plant Vastu direction: Where should I place my money plant at home?

Money plant, as per Vastu principles, should be placed in the south east direction or north entrance in the house.

  • Living room: According to various Vastu experts, money plant should be kept in the south-east corner of the room for attracting luck and prosperity. Since this direction is ruled by planet Venus and Lord Ganesha, both of them symbolise wealth and luck. Right placement of money plant is very important to see its positive effect in your life. You can also place the money plant in aquarium in the southeast corner of the room.
  • It is believed that Lord Ganesha takes away bad luck from the resident and showers him with wealth and prosperity.
  • North facing house entrance: If your house is a north facing property, then the house entrance is the perfect place to keep the money plant, as per Vastu principles. This arrangement will attract new career opportunities and new income sources for the family members.
  • Placing a money plant in the bedroom helps avoid arguments and also helps in reducing sleep disorders.
  • Avoid east-west direction: Money plant should never be kept in the east-west direction of the house or room, as it could lead to trouble in the form of financial problems, arguments and discord between married couples.
  • In the corners: According to the Vastu, sharp corners are source of anxiety and negativity. To nullify the negative effects, money plants can be placed in corners, which will also minimise the stress at home.
  • Bathroom: Since money plants are easy to grow, they can easily grow in humid corners such as bathrooms. As per Vastu, keeping the money plant in a bathroom will do no harm. You can maintain it easily, if your bathroom gets a considerable amount of direct or indirect sunlight. Keep the money plant in the southeast direction near a window.

Note: Money plant, as per Vastu, should always be kept inside the house and not in the garden area.

Money plant benefits

Indoor plants enhance the décor of interiors. Money plant is a popular houseplant with immense benefits.

Purifies the air

According to legend, growing the money plant indoors as opposed to outdoors yields the greatest rewards. A money plant can be placed in a hanging vase, a small pot, or a glass jar. Money plants are excellent for removing benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene from indoor air. In this manner, it functions as a natural air purifier that enhances your health and grants you the blessing of clean air and excellent health. It is advisable to fill your homes, cafés, and workplaces with plenty of money plants because of their many benefits to you.

Medical Advantages

People are still unaware of various medical applications for money plants. One plant should be kept next to the WiFi network, according to feng shui experts, to prevent sickly kids and elderly people in the house. The ability of a money plant to relax your mind and relieve stress is one of its greatest advantages. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and might help you with sleeping problems and anxiety reduction. So, to prevent mental sickness, keep a money plant in your living room or bedroom.

Keeps aquariums clean

One can grow indoor money plants in aquariums. The plant keeps the water free from nitrates which is harmful to the fishes.

Strengthens relationships

The money plant helps to improve the relationships between family members by bringing happiness and positive energies into homes. After this Vastu plant is installed in houses, any negative interactions or arguments between family members would end.

Helps tackle Sick Building Syndrome

A money plant is supposed to absorb any bad energies in the area and assist in reducing Sick Building Syndrome symptoms.

Different kinds of money plants exist. Jade plant, golden money plant, silver money plant, marble queen money plant, marble prince money plant, split leaf money plant, Swiss cheese money plant, and Chinese money plant are a few of the types that are well-known in India.

Money plant Vastu direction: How to grow a money plant indoor

Instead of being cultivated outside the house, money plants perform best when grown inside. It can be grown in a bottle or a little jar. Make sure to keep a money plant out of the sun if it is maintained outside the house. Keep it somewhere shaded.

Vastu has the view that the more green the money plant, the greater the likelihood of bringing wealth into your home. According to money plant Vastu, having lush foliage on your money plant will improve your fortune.

Keep your money plants on the edge of your apartment or residence.

Money plant Vastu: Directions to avoid

According to Vastu, it is not advisable to place plants on north or east walls or the north-east corner because doing so could lead to financial loss, health problems, and conflicts. Jupiter and Venus do not get along because they both dominate the north-east, which could lead to losses.

Money plant in aquarium

A money plant in an aquarium is a great technique to increase the positive energy flow in the home. Allow the aquarium water to serve as the money plant’s growing medium. This setup aids in the aquarium water’s ability to absorb nitrates. It is beneficial for aquatic life.

How to take care of the money plant?

If you’re putting the money plant in a cool room, spray it often to prevent it from getting too dry from the cool air.
Use regular tap water rather than water with a lot of fluoride or chlorine.
To keep the plant looking healthy and simple to care, you should regularly trim it.
Through stem cutting, money plants are easily grown in a water-filled container or in a plant pot. Every week, top off the vessel’s water with tap water to ensure that the plants have access to all the minerals they need to flourish.
Eliminate the wilting leaves since they represent bad energy. Make sure to give the money plant regular waterings and keep pests away if you are putting it in soil.
Put the money plant in some shade and give it weekly waterings, or more often if the interior air is particularly dry.

Money plant Vastu Dos and don’ts

Avoid red

Placing the plant near any red objects or surfaces can cause it to attract unlucky or unfavourable energy. Therefore, keep the money plant away from anything red. For instance, keep the plant away from red-painted household appliances like the refrigerator, garbage disposal, grinder, and washing machine.

Avoid keeping it near the kitchen

Keep your money plants away from the kitchen. Keeping it close to these things can negate the good fortune and prosperity the money plant brings.

Go for green or blue hues

For optimum positive effects, grow the money plant in a green or blue vase. This will invite more wealth and help to remove any obstacles in the flow of energy. It makes more space for positive energy flow. You can use discarded plastic bottles or containers and use DIY techniques to transform them into attractive flower plants and grow your money plant at home.

Ensure the place is airy

Avoid placing the money plant outdoors. However, you place the money plant in an area that is airy and receives partial shade.

Ensure that your money plant grows upwards

If planted in a pot, use a plant pole/moss stick for growing your money plant. Coco poles are ideal as they are porous allowing high moisture retention and allowing the roots of the plant to grip naturally into the coir fibre. You can even use a bamboo as support for your money plant.

Do not let anyone else prune your money plant

Do not let anyone else prune your money plant,not even close friends or neighbours. Allowing them to prune it, signifies giving away your wealth to someone. As per Vastu, pruning and tacking care of lucky plants or tree for money to be someone else can also have a negative impact on the plant.

Place it in a water vessel

If you are placing money plant in south-east direction, avoid placing it in a water vessel and instead plant it in soil and use a brown coloured pot. You can also use darker shades of red.

Tips for keeping money plant in bedroom

Placing money plant in bedroom can help you boost your mood and enthusiasm. It can help in calming your mind after a stressful day. If you are planting money plant in a bedroom, keep the plant at least 5 feet away from the bed.

Advice for keeping money plants in bedrooms

Money plants can help you feel more upbeat and enthusiastic. Your mind may become calmer as a result after a stressful day. Keep the money plant at least 5 feet away from the bed if you’re planting it in a bedroom.

Keep money plants indoors

According to Vastu, keeping money plants within in the home offers the greatest benefits.One of the money plant’s notable advantages is that it regulates indoor humidity, which raises indoor temperature.

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