Microsoft India’s Noida Office With Taj Mahal Theme Is Prettier Than Anything You Can Dream Of

microsoft office in india

Working in a multinational company is something that every job aspirant dreams of and it won’t be wrong to say that the majority of software engineers aspire to work in Microsoft which has been co-founded by Bill Gates. Microsoft deals in computer software, personal computer, consumer electronics and other services that are related to this segment.

Microsoft has its offices in India as well but the new office that it has set up in Noida is really stunning. The software multinational has set up a new IDC (India Development Centre) facility at Noida and it is inspired by the symbol of love, Taj Mahal. The new office is located in the three floors of a 6-storey building and it can be called a blend of India’s historical design and modern corporate practices.

Here you can take a tour of the Microsoft’s new office at Noida:

The Managing Director of Microsoft IDC, Rajiv Kumar says that working in office is going to be a better experience now as the employee will be able to make a choice. The person may choose to work from home or come to office and be a part of the beautiful state of the art facility and also make friends with other people.

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