Khorfakkan Waterfall: Man Made Waterfall in the UAE

Khorfakkan Waterfall

The UAE is blessed with some areas of stunning natural beauty. Government took many initiatives to  improve those experiences make them much more appealing for tourists. The amazing attractions and facilities at the Khorfakkan Waterfall are a perfect illustration of how nature is often amalgamated with modern technology in the UAE. Want to know how a beautiful location became a tourist’s fantasy?

khor fakkan waterfalls

This 25-Metre Man Made Waterfall In Khorfakkan

khor fakkan waterfalls is one the latest attraction just opposite to the Khor Fakkan Beach.The waterfall is 43 metres above sea level, 45 metres long and 11 metres wide. It consists of a number of windows through which one can see the waters of the waterfall sloping from the top of the cave above to the bottom of the mountain. Additionally, it gives visitors a panoramic view of the Khorfakkan beach. This provides you with an opportunity to see the whole city from a glorious vantage point. An eco-tourism haven that lets you become one with nature, the park stretches for 11,362 square meters with a breathtaking 25-meter artificial waterfall.

It is unique in its design that accommodates 3600 individuals. It includes a cooling system that ensures the efficiency of use throughout the year by visitors. In addition to holding of various activities for the people of the region in particular and the UAE in general. Furthermore, the cave has plenty of other offerings for visitors. There is a cafe, a restaurant, a service room and an outdoor seating area for tourists. Businesses can book the centre to host their organisational meetings. Whereas the restaurant and cafe can serve more than 80 people with both indoor and outdoor seating.

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