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7 emirates of uae

7 Emirates of UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Once a vast desert, the United Arab Emirates is now a country where you can find an ideal blend of the traditional and ultra-modern. With humble beginnings in camel rearing, pearl farming and fishing, the 7 UAE emirates now offer an exciting mix of adventure, history, culture and fun for everyone. So, what makes the UAE’s 7 emirates unique? What sets them apart from each other? Why is the UAE one of the...

safest place in india

Safest cities in India to live without any fear

India has always been known as a land that fosters unity in diversity. The land where people of all castes and creed live together in harmony and co exist as one common people, India is an enriching example of how differences can never be a hurdle to growth. Even then, as home to a whopping 300 cities, the question naturally emerges- which is the safest city in India? Safety parameters are varied and...

Khorfakkan Waterfall

Khorfakkan Waterfall: Man Made Waterfall in the UAE

The UAE is blessed with some areas of stunning natural beauty. Government took many initiatives to  improve those experiences make them much more appealing for tourists. The amazing attractions and facilities at the Khorfakkan Waterfall are a perfect illustration of how nature is often amalgamated with modern technology in the UAE. Want to know how a beautiful location became a tourist’s...

microsoft office in india

Microsoft India’s Noida Office With Taj Mahal Theme Is Prettier Than Anything You Can Dream Of

Working in a multinational company is something that every job aspirant dreams of and it won’t be wrong to say that the majority of software engineers aspire to work in Microsoft which has been co-founded by Bill Gates. Microsoft deals in computer software, personal computer, consumer electronics and other services that are related to this segment. Microsoft has its offices in India as well...

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