September 2022

online trading in uae

How to trade stocks in Dubai

Dubai is a worldwide hub where visitors from all over the world congregate. The city provides a welcoming atmosphere for investors because to its superior infrastructure, top-notch hospitality, and abundance of attractions. There are lucrative stock market prospects in Dubai in addition to real estate and commodity investment opportunities. You may learn how to trade stocks in Dubai and get an overview...

what is disinvestment

What is disinvestment?

 Disinvestment means selling a stake in a company, subsidiary or other investments. Businesses and governments resort to divestment generally as a way to pare losses from a non-performing asset, exit a particular industry, or raise money. The process of selling off a portion of an organisation or government’s ownership in order to generate more revenue is disinvestment. The sale may represent the...

safest place in india

Safest cities in India to live without any fear

India has always been known as a land that fosters unity in diversity. The land where people of all castes and creed live together in harmony and co exist as one common people, India is an enriching example of how differences can never be a hurdle to growth. Even then, as home to a whopping 300 cities, the question naturally emerges- which is the safest city in India? Safety parameters are varied and...

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