November 2021

DDA Housing Scheme

How to apply for DDA Housing Scheme

With many flats being surrendered in its DDA Housing Scheme 2021, the Authority has said that it may introduce a ‘first come first served’ policy, for those inventories that are not in demand. Applicants can now make an online booking for the upcoming DDA housing scheme 2022. Out of the 1,354 DDA flats that were launched in the DDA Housing Scheme 2021, in January this year, around 689...

Earn From Real Estate Investment

5 Options To Earn From Real Estate Investment

Here are quick five options to invest and make a return in real estate for an average retail investor or even someone with access to much larger capital. Traditional/Conventional Investment Model The simplest way to invest in real estate is to buy an asset or lease it for the long term and then rent it out to tenants–residential or commercial ones. The process is simple but...

fruit that can be grown at home

5 Fruit plants that can be grown at home

Being able to see your plant grow from a sapling to a mature plant, old enough to bear fruits is unexplainable. Fruits are an essential part of our daily diet, and having them grown in one’s own garden is every gardener’s dream. Make the best use of that extra space you have to plant your favourite fruit and see the magic happen. 1. Strawberries Strawberries are great fruits to grow in...

ms dhoni house

Indian Cricketers Before And Now Home Images Will Blow Your Mind Completely !

Indian cricketers are the highest paid cricketers in the world. From their annual and IPL contracts to brand endorsements. The amount of money star Indian cricketers earn is many folds higher than what other cricketers from other nations do. The major reason behind this is India’s big population and their unparalleled love for the game of cricket and favourite superstars. There was a time in...

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