October 2021

snake plant in bedroom

5 Benefits of Snake Plant –The Best Plant For Your House

Snake Plants are a popular houseplant that can be used for many purposes. They release stress, improve moods, increase energy levels, and even act as a natural insect repellent. Snake plants are easy to care for and require little maintenance. They do best in bright indirect light and should not be placed near any heat sources. Benefits of snake plant Looking to get better sleep?   Snake Plant is...

wallpaper vs paint

Wallpaper vs Paint: Insider Info You Need to Know

The debate on wallpaper versus paint has gone intense in the past decade. While some can’t stop talking about the many merits of the new-age wallpapers as the best option to adorn and protect walls, others vehemently oppose any questions posed on the goodness of the traditional paint. While it is entirely an individual choice which argument you side with, it is important to be objective when you...

cheapest home loans in India

Union Bank cuts rates, offers cheapest home loans in India at 6.40%

State-run Union Bank of India on October 26, 2021, announced it has brought down its home loan interest rate to 6.40% from 6.80% after implementing a 40 basis point (bps) cut. This is the lowest home loan interest rate offered by any bank in the country at present. The move that is likely to escalate an ongoing price war among banks in India that are currently wooing customers with competitive...

what is built up area

What is Carpet Area, Built-Up Area and Super Built-Up Area?

Carpet area is a term real estate developers are obliged to utilize when providing purchasers the details about the property’s size. This is really quite simple to understand. Carpet area meaning That area in the flat or the apartment, which you could cover using a carpet, is the carpet area. Also known as the net usable area, the carpet area is actually that space in your home which...

bollywood celebrity homes

5 Bollywood Celebrity Who Own The Most Expensive Houses

Did you know that your favorite Bollywood Celebrity own some of the most costly homes in Mumbai? Some bought it because it has some emotional value to them. Check out some very costly homes of Bollywood Stars: 1. Salman Khan Salman Khan along with his parents Salim Khan and Salma Khan lives in two flats in Galaxy Apartments located at the start of Bandstand on Byramjee Jeejeebhoy...

most expensive land in india

Know The Most Expensive Indian Cities To Buy Property

The luxury housing segment attracts everyone including the NRIs, HNIs and even the common man whose wants to purchase a reasonable home. Interestingly, the uber amenities and the beautiful landscape views offered at one place makes the prospects experience a very good quality way of life. But, the bad air quality, vehicular-congestion and clumsy localities are pushing the young millennials to own...

home loan questions

Top-4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Applying For A Home Loan

We are seeing home loan rates like never before. The Indian government and banks working in the nation are going the extra mile to make home loans more attractive. All of these may prompt you to jump for a loan right away. However, if you want to get the most from your home loan, asking yourself the following questions will help you make an informed decision. Question 1 – Am I Prepared For...

microsoft office in india

Microsoft India’s Noida Office With Taj Mahal Theme Is Prettier Than Anything You Can Dream Of

Working in a multinational company is something that every job aspirant dreams of and it won’t be wrong to say that the majority of software engineers aspire to work in Microsoft which has been co-founded by Bill Gates. Microsoft deals in computer software, personal computer, consumer electronics and other services that are related to this segment. Microsoft has its offices in India as well...

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